Natural Vitamin C – The Unknown Crime

vitamin-C-orangesFor decades there has been a crime being committed to humankind. It’s the vitamin supplement scandal, the most common vitamin supplement being C. So what’s been going on? For a very long time now we have been told and sold synthetic vitamin supplements that are supposedly beneficial. Unfortunately, this has been one of the biggest scams in the history of humankind.

The whole business is run by the big drug giants, and profits alone for vitamin C run into the billions annually. One of the biggest consumers is the U.S. Natural vitamin c however, is very beneficial.

Synthetic Vitamin C Is Toxic

Synthetic vitamin C is otherwise known as ascorbic acid. It’s a cheaply made chemical, produced by only several manufacturers around the world, including the U.S. and China (now producing 80% of the global demand). It’s manufactured from corn, cornstarch or glucose.

It’s an enzymatic process also requiring acids and acetone, as well as microorganisms before the final product is produced. Pure ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is white and water soluble. Impure forms have a yellowish tinge. The corn used is from GMO strains to make it more profitable. Synthetic vitamin C is an inert chemical and the body responds to it negatively. White blood cell count actually increases as the body recognizes it as a mild intrusion. Natural vitamin C is a natural complex that the body readily integrates into its metabolism.

Ascorbic Acid Is Deficient

Compared to natural vitamin C, the synthetically produced variety is very deficient. It’s hard to accept, but a lot of the developed populations around the world (particularly the U.S.) is actually suffering from malnutrition. When a certain vitamin is ingested that is deficient, what the body tries to do is synthesize the missing components from its own reserve. The net result is that the body’s reserves become depleted and after time, signs of these deficiencies start to show, just as malnutrition manifests. ALL the synthetic vitamin C products on the market are toxic. They are bad for you and your children. They are bad for health. Some of the mega doses that people are taking are downright dangerous.

Natural Is Best

Natural vitamin C is a complete superfood. It is a complete package that neither lacks nor has excesses – it is perfectly balanced. It is a complex molecule, produced in nature. Actually one of its co-factors is ascorbic acid which functions like a protective shell. Ascorbic acid is an antioxidant that protects the many other co-factors against oxidation – this is its only function.

The other things present in the natural product, allow it to function as a vitamin. We need very little in our daily diet. Research has shown that as little as 25mg (1000mg = 1g) is enough to cure symptoms of C deficiency. 25mg is the approximate amount in a medium-sized potato. Some people are taking 3000mg or more of the synthetic product on a daily basis!

Natural vitamin C is the only product which supplies the body with its daily requirements without depleting its reserves.