Natural Vitamin C For Skin

Natural Vitamin C For Skin Care

drinking-orange-juiceMost people equate vitamin C with colds and flu. The body actually needs this vitamin for many of its vital functions, including arterial and venous health, maintaining blood vitality, the repair, building and maintenance of all connective tissues and skin health.

Skin health is an overlooked benefit of natural vitamin C. Optimum skin health is usually a byproduct of other internal processes. Deficiencies in essential nutrients often show themselves as skin conditions. Also, when the body is in a state of toxicity, the skin will become dull and lack-luster.

A condition called “oxidative stress” is when there is an abundance of free radicals within the body and a deficiency of antioxidants. Natural vitamin C for skin is a powerful antioxidant. One of vitamin C’s attributes is its ability to be able to donate electrons to positively charged hungry free radicals, rendering them neutral.

Skin Maintenance

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is a living organism that is constantly regenerating itself. In order to maintain this rejuvenating process, it needs a constant supply of nutrients. Skin is prone to wrinkles, sagging, cellulite, dullness, thinning, tone changes, blemishes etc.

It is permanently exposed to the environment which can also be a significant influence. In parts of China bad acne can exist into adulthood. Locals put this down to climate and water quality. Using natural vitamin C for skin is usually not considered. Problems caused by environment, diet and water are the result of toxicity.

Natural vitamin C is a very powerful agent for removing toxic elements and free radicals. A very important component of the skin is something called collagen.

Natural Vitamin C For Skin Collagen

The skin is made up of different layers. Collagen is abundant in the dermal layer (uppermost layer) of the skin. It is fibrous in nature and supports the skin structure. Just under the collagen layer is elastin which as the name suggests, provides suppleness and elasticity.

As we age these layers become thinner and the signs of aging set in. These changes can be inherited, and additional care might be called for. Usually, aging can be accelerated by factors affecting the collagen and elastin layers.

Using natural vitamin C for skin health is now commonly acknowledged among experts as one of the best preventative measures. Like any other tissue, DNA is present in the cells. When DNA is damaged, the cells lose their original properties. Natural vitamin C helps to protect skin DNA. It has been proven to also aid repair from sun damage and is essential in the process of scarring.


Just like an apple goes off when picked and removed from its source of nutrient, it’s important to maintain a steady supply of these life-supporting elements. A balanced diet is composed of a whole multitude of essentials but not many are as vital as vitamin C. Incorporating natural vitamin C for skin health can play an essential preventative role in the aging process. Start today, but be sure to make it natural.

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