Natural Vitamin C Supplements

Natural Vitamin C Supplements

natural-vitamin-CWith so many products on the market, the health supplement racket is a veritable minefield. Along with the “New Age” boom in the 70s and 80s, the health food niche exploded. Natural vitamin C supplements are one of the biggest sellers.

The underlying driving force in virtually any market is profit. If a product is marketed well and shrouded with enough misinformation, a demand will be generated. Health food shops started springing up everywhere. It became trendy to shop in them.

The word “organic” was born and GM crops became a household name. Glass jars of brown rice, beans and pulses became a kitchen must have. Farmers markets were a part of the revolution, selling organically produced meats and vegetables with soil on them. The nation was informed (or misinformed) and a whole new business started to flourish.

The Biggest Con

A big part of this new multi-billion dollar business was and is the supplement market. Almost overnight multivitamins became a staple in the medicine cabinet. People were told that they were an effective dietary supplement that would make up for deficiencies and give a boost to those who were run down or stressed.

Marketing was intelligent and intense, with vitamin C often in the spotlight. However, these were not natural vitamin C supplements. All the multivitamins and C were synthetic. Unfortunately, these synthetic products are largely useless and even dangerous.

A natural vitamin is very complex, being composed many different elements called “co-factors”. All these co-factors need to be present in the right proportions in order for this compound to function as a vitamin. The source and production of these synthetic products is often disturbing – spent rancid vegetable oil for example.

Natural Vitamin C Supplements Scandal

Synthetic vitamin C is produced mostly in China. The process requires extracting glucose from corn and then treating this with chemicals and bio organisms. The result is a white crystalline substance called ascorbic acid which is then marketed as vitamin C. The truth is, it’s ascorbic acid, not vitamin C. The body doesn’t recognize it and can’t use it. In fact, it recognizes it as a toxic chemical. Clinical trials have concluded that treatments with synthetic vitamin C, especially in the large doses that are available, is detrimental to health.

Natural Vitamin C is synthesized in nature and is a complex compound. It’s made uf of a nutritional component, enzymes and coenzymes, and other trace elements in minute but very significant quantities. This uniquely balanced substance is vitamin C and is present in natural vitamin C supplements.Remove any of the components and it no longer functions as a vitamin. Actually, if small components are lacking the body will try to make up the deficit from its own reserves. If this is prolonged, the body’s reserves of that missing element will become depleted.

Ascorbic Acid Exists In Nature

Scientists have wrongly informed the public about the benefits of these synthetic chemicals. Natural vitamin C supplements do contain ascorbic acid, but the purpose of it in nature is to protect the other delicate components from oxidation and denaturing.

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